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Shea & Coconut Whipped Hair and Body Butter (400ml)

Shea & Coconut Whipped Hair and Body Butter (400ml)

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A fragrance free, natural moisturiser for both skin and hair.

INGREDIENTS: CERTIFIED ORGANIC SHEA NILOTICA (Vitellaria Nilotica) & 100% PURE COCONUT OIL (Cocos Nucifera), Vitamin E

- 100% Chemical Free, no chemicals used in production

- Cold Pressed ingredients

- Premium Quality micron-filtered to 100% purity

- Whipped soft texture

Amount: 400ml

DIRECTIONS: Skin - Apply a small amount onto skin until it is absorbed. Repeat if needed. Ideal for sensitive skin. Hair - Apply a small amount to damp hair to lock in moisture and style as desired.

• Shea Butter helps prevent skin dryness and protects against sun damage. With regular use, it can treat many skin problems.

• Coconut Oil is a perfect leave-in treatment to repair split ends, moisturize your scalp, and add a healthy glow to your skin. This product will typically last up to a year as long as it is kept dry and with the lid on when not in use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Colette Dathorne
A haeling balm full of NUTRIENTS!!!!

This body butter has so many benefits for both skin and hair. It is both a moisturiser and a remedial aid for blemishes etc. An essential part of my self care routine....

I adore this formula

This is where Naiga Naturals excels! the body butters are all premium. I own all of the body butters and they are all phenomenal.

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